Artist Statements

Nature's Afterimage: 

Strong winds, tidal currents, and storms continuously shift the coastal landscape of the Pacific Northwest. The focus of my work is in mapping and documenting the various transformative microcosms within this landscape. I implement the process of lumen printing, which relies on the direct physical contact of its subject matter with the photographic paper to form its afterimage. The resulting prints are the remaining artifacts of nature constructing its own composition. 

The Void Above:

Humankind’s ever evolving relationship to nature plays a large role within my art. Through my photography I examine the complexities that are inherent within this relationship and how we, as humans manipulate the natural world to construct our environments.

In the creation of my images, I utilize manmade products and construct scenes that possess detectable visual elements from nature. There is a conscious effort to reconnect these manmade materials to their natural origins by returning them on a visual level to the natural world. By examining how we engineer nature to create manmade products, I am also considering how we as a species stand with one foot in our natural origins and with our other in a fabricated world.